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Jennifer’s Journal

Jennifer’s Journal

Over the past few months I have found myself on a rather different journey which has resulted in the creation of Jennifer’s Favourites and this website.  Writing this Journal is as part of the creation of the website was a suggestion of the website designer, a way for visitors to get to know about what makes Jennifer’s Favourites tick.

I thought the most difficult thing would be understanding the technical jargon that you come across when constructing a website ie the theme, font, images and the content. It has so far been a pleasure and actually nothing has been difficult, I have enjoyed it all.

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The momentum of the journey and excitement of the website coming alive has been amazing. Even just my business cards being printed and distributed has achieved so much positive feedback, people loving the art and design, so I am hoping the website will receive  the same attention.


I have always loved vintage. I love the feeling of finding and old piece of furniture that has finished one life and is ready to be reinvented into another. Old dresses cut up and turned in to handmade keepsakes. Buttons I just love buttons reclaimed off old jumpers and shirts. I have  jars and tins full of them, all different colours, shapes and sizes jumbled together. I just love the feeling of thinking that I have saved something old and warn out that has a past from the tip for a few more years.

I hope through my website you to can find suggestions and ideas of what to do with treasures you find at car boot sales, junk shops and charity shops. Its such fun reinventing them and if you paint something and think that’s not right, just repaint it a different colour.

My love of vintage make do and meant I suppose has been past down from my grandma to my mum and me. It’s my mum I have to thank for Jennifer’s Favourites as she is the name sake.

My mum made allot of my clothes and my brothers when we were little. In the 70’s she and her friend Lesley would hunt the jumble sales in the church and school halls for all hand knitted jumpers and clothes buy them hand wash them and unravel or cut up and make new outfits for their children. We never thought anything of them not being bought brand new from a shop.




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